Why buy a flat with Manakamna Builder?

Why buy a flat with Manakamna Builder?

Why buy a flat with Manakamna Builder?

A home is always the closest place to your heart. You can only relax and have a contented ending to the day at the "Sweet Home." Moreover, you can have lots of plans to construct your dream home with all the happiness blooming in every corner. But often, many of you fail to choose the correct model for your permanent dwelling.

To fulfill all your wishes, Manakamna Builder comes with some excellent choices. The name is of Nepalese origin, where "Mana" means soul and "Kamna" means to wish. So, in short, these builders exist to satisfy the customers' dreams. So, when quality within budget is your preference, knock on the door of the Manakamna Builder. Some experienced and eminent professionals decided to construct this group in 1998 to address the specifics modern customers need. It has been 12 years that Manakamna Builder is winning millions of hearts across the Siliguri. With time, you can observe the splendid work of the builders at various locations with multiple segments.

Here, we present an overview of the facilities that these builders tend to give in case of every construction. You will get an idea of the high-class quality and modern residential concept.

Quality Design and Construction

Quality gets a new definition as you enter any constructed flat of Manakamna Builder. Being one of the finest builders of Siliguri, it happens to be the dream destination for sophisticated people. Elegance is prominent in every structure of Manakamna Builders. Therefore, it is the hotspot to nurture your hidden wishes. Excellence is the only thing that the dedicated team of Manakamna Builder focuses on. Moreover, they also improvise the quality, amenities, and designs with every project. Complete satisfaction is guaranteed in every service that this team of experts deliver.

Modern Facilities & Amenities

  • Living Area: When a person books a new flat, the first area of attraction will be the living area of the hall. With these builders at work, you need not worry about the beautifully designed living space leading up to your expectation at every point.
  • Bedroom: The model flat shows how strategically you can accommodate a double-sized bed, two cupboards, and sufficient walking space in a bedroom. The arrangement is genuinely impressive.
  • Kitchen: Your culinary skills will be more satisfying as you enter the modular kitchen area. For most women, it will be a place of rejoicing.
  • Toilet: Hygiene is evident in the washrooms that these builders provide. The newly constructed building has two toilets, one private and one common with luxurious fittings. Generally, there are two separate areas in every toilet- wet and dry.

High Level of Security

Just not the structure and sturdy finishing, but Manakamna Builder equally provides high-end security. Therefore, you are fully protected with the installed CCTV cameras on every floor.

On-time Delivery

The most significant reason to choose Manakamna Builder over others is the fulfillment of Promise. The organization's main motto is to observe transparency. Therefore, it has a record of completing projects and delivering on time.

Easy Home Loan

Is there any dilemma in your mind about whether to invest in a Manakamna project? If money is your concern, you can go for the easy home loan facilities. The builders believe that every person has the right to live the life of dreams. Therefore, the prices are quite affordable with the modern features. When the loan is there without any hassles, why take so much worry?

High ROI

For the real-estate service providers, these projects are sources of earning high ROI also. This is because the value of every flat is truly excellent in the market leading to the desired outcome only.

Industry Experts

No doubt can be there regarding the brand's goodwill in the Indian market. The fabulous constructions in the hilly area mark the specialty of the buildings. Furthermore, you can get a favorable certification from the industry experts.

Reduce Risks

The risk of continuous decay is not there with Manakamna Builder. They apply only high-quality products to construct their dream projects. Thus, the risks will be low in such a dwelling.

Payment Flexibility

Coming to the payment of prices, the flexibility is always there. Please choose any convenient mode to make easy payment within a short time. You can book the premises beforehand with some advanced amount also. Options for both online and offline payment make it truly appreciable.

Thus, it is now clear why you should go for Manakamna Builder before choosing the dream home. The builders are equally efficient in constructing commercial establishments also.

Projects At A Glance

The ongoing projects are

  • Manakamna 7 at Devigangawith starting price at Rs. 33 lakhs
  • Darpan 88 at Check Post with starting price at Rs. 1.75 Crore.
  • Homesqure fully Commercial Mall for full interior solution.
  • Skydale Siliguri tallest raiser tower.  

All these projects booking is going on.

The details of completed project are;-

  • Manakamna 24 at Champasari, the average price of which starts from Rs. 22.5 lakhs.


When you can get so many benefits by choosing a perfect dwelling for your everyday stay, Manakamna Builder is the best. From the incredible vista of the lawn outside or the hill-facing flats, the projects will be just what you have only imagined in your dreams.

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Why buy a flat with Manakamna Builder?

A home is always the closest place to your heart. You can only relax and…


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